How We Help

“We should have food in restaurant which is impossible to cook in our home.”

– Dominic Revaldi

What We Do

As food consultants we help you to design your menu, improve your system, develop your people and create your brand concept.

We build alignment to your dreams, purposes and situation while developing empathy towards your customer, employees, and your target market.

How We Do

How We Do

We build alignment to your dreams, purposes and situation while developing empathy towards your customer, employees, and your target market.

Keep it Efficient

We help you to keep your resources, processes, ingredients and cost in a certain level of efficiency. We know how to use minimal resources to generate optimal quality.

Our Services

The Start Ups

The Start Ups

So many people have a dream to have their own restaurant or café, but they do not know how. We exist to help you from establishing a vision to make it alive.


Taste is the key content of a restaurant or cafe, but taste alone is not enough to build an establish business. We have to visualize the feel of the venue, the kitchen workflow, the guest experience, the number of seats, ingredients sourcing, the equipment, the standard operation procedure and more. We understand how to turn an idea into a reality.


An accurate design of production plan will lead us to efficient activity and qualified products. We help you to create kitchen workflow, stock and inventory management, kitchen layout along with the right equipment in accordance to menu design.


For a stable business performance, we need to design an accurate costing plan. We help you to design your menus and determine the costing plan. We will provide efficient recipes line and its costing. Then we provide a procedure guidance so the kitchen team will be able to serve consistently at the standard you require. We also advise what cost each dish should be sold at, appropriate portion size and presentation if needed. The end-result given to you are in form of recipes, platting, food cost and production procedures.


We can help you to support a recruitment and selection process. Start of determining the required number of employees, conducting a job interview and, to Employee Performance Evaluation.


We build an align system that connect the gap between management and operators point of views. We know what it is like to be in the kitchen, to face the customer and being an owner. A balance approach is the key for sustainable business.

The Start Ups


A restaurant is a never-ending story. There are always a room for improvement, this what make the business grow. Customer always long for a new experience. Businesses change over time; it is always an urgent state that we continually refine our business and avoid complacency to preserve our competitive advantages. We evaluate where gaps may exist and infuse the clarity and the tools required to achieve success.


An evaluation is not necessarily mandatory to be conduct when it is declining, but overtime it is a wise step to run performance and operation reviews periodically. We need to have a pre-alert information about how our restaurant or café is performing throughout the competition.

We will reviewing all significant points relating to the restaurant appearance, menu analysis, service, wait staff attitudes and techniques throughout the customer experience. We will also review food presentation, taste and quality, service quality, spaces and more.

Everything are evaluate through both customers and operators point of views. A final report identifying areas of strength and flaws will provided in details. The report will contain relevant information for upgrading and improving the experience of your customers.
For a declining performance, this service is extremely necessary.


Exclusively in kitchen area, we conduct a production activity assessment to reach maximum capacity through optimizing workflow, habit and attitude in kitchen life.

We eliminate error; analyze effective streamline and aligning production steps. All to deliver valuable service and quality to your customer’s tables. We identify problems on both people and system issues then provide suggestion in terms of operational procedures improvement.


We can help you to make this area flawless. It is very important for you to keep an effective production cost. You do not want to run out and you do not want to throw out the ingredients.

Our system will help you overcome any problems that might arise. It will save you lots of money if you get it right.


“People before system” is one of our believe. System alone is not enough to make business running well, it need a reliable people. We provide training to deliver knowledge and skill for chefs, kitchen staffs, and service team.

The Start Ups

a tailored project

Let us know your problems and we can provide a custom program suitable to your business situation and needs. We are very welcome for start-ups or running-business. We are open for any form of F&B business like restaurant, café, take-aways, catering, bistro, retail, or any other creative categories.